beat up phrasal

beat up phrasal
1 (transitive beat someone up) to hurt someone badly by hitting them: They claimed they had been beaten up by the police.
2 beat up on AmE to hit someone and harm them, especially someone younger or weaker than yourself
3 beat up on yourself AmE informal to blame yourself too much for something
2 noun
1 (C) one of a series of movements or hitting actions: a heartbeat | the slow beat of the drum
2 (countable usually singular) a regular repeated noise
(+ of): the beat of marching feet
3 (singular) the main rhythm (1) that a piece of music or a poem has: Try to follow the beat.
4 (C) one of the notes in a piece of music that sounds stronger than the other notes
5 (singular) the area of a town, city etc that a police officer regularly walks around
3 adjective (not before noun) informal very tired: I'm beat. | dead beat: Come and sit down, you must be dead beat.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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